• Jeffrey Nemecek, Public Financing Attorney and Legal Specialist

  • Posted on April 19, 2019
  • Over the course of the past several decades, Jeffrey Nemecek, public financing attorney, has worked with all sorts of financing instruments. In particular, he has worked with project-revenue financing, conduit transactions, excise tax revenue obligations, loan pool obligations, projects and obligations funded with taxpayer money, and government appropriated funding options, such as tax-exempt and taxable obligations. Virtually every project Jeffrey has led has served a function of improving the communities in which they were built.

    As a public finance attorney, among the projects Jeffrey Nemecek has led have included many different infrastructure projects, such as facilities for solid waste and resource recovery ad water and sewer functions, as well as airports and hydroelectric facilities. He has also provided guidance on hospitals, schools, courthouses, correctional facilities and facilities geared to help non-profits. Jeffrey is a highly skilled and knowledgeable attorney, who knows how to deal with all sorts of complex transactions. One reason for that is, he has a tendency to approach all projects from the perspective of an innovator.

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